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10 Reasons to Love WAG

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Top 10 Reasons I Love WAG…

by WAG Board of Directors President, Melanie Barton

    1. Enriching the lives of children and families through the magic of community theater.
    2. The joy and enthusiasm on the children’s faces on opening night when they get their first applause.
    3. Building lasting memories in children who are tomorrow’s future.
    4. The excitement of the community each time auditions arrive.
    5. Seeing the community pitch in to bring the show to life.
    6. Working with the incredibly talented people on the board as well as the volunteers.
    7. 100% volunteer and sponsor supported organization.
    8. Meeting new people and friends during each production.
    9. The sponsors that make it all possible.  See our website for the full list!
    10. Teaching children to act, not act out!


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