Building Wish List

If you’ve had a child in a WAG show, you have a pretty good idea of what it takes to pull off a successful production. We put on three of those a year! And a new space means more workshops, classes and events, making the list of things we need grow even bigger! Hand soap, bathroom tissue, a popcorn machine, a microwave… The list goes on! Now we know you probably don’t have a popcorn machine to spare, but just maybe you could pick up one of our smaller needs the next time you’re out shopping? After all, we know it’s the little things that count!

WAG for Children Building & Supply Wishlist

Last updated: 2/24/2013
This list changes as donations are received; please check back often for updates. Gently used items will be accepted. Have a question or want to confirm we still need something on this list? Call us at 469.298.8061 or email



Large Items

Liquid dishwashing soap 30′ x 24′ piece of black flooring for stage covering
Paper towels – white only 1 Popcorn machine
Toilet tissue – white only 1 Heavy duty vacuum w/hoses & attachments
Liquid hand soap – unscented 1 Copy machine – black & white
Box tissues Shelving – open faced
Disposable rubber gloves Shelving – w/doors able to be locked
Hand sanitizer – unscented Professional Pest Control Service
Hand lotion – unscented 1 Ladder – 12 foot
Trash bags – 30 gallon size 10 Plastic storage tubs – 13 gallon size
Trash bags – 4 gallon size 2 Plastic rolling carts w/drawers
2 Industrial quality mops 3 Oscillating pedestal fans
2 Industrial quality brooms Electric pencil sharpener – not battery operated
Free color printing for 10 posters for our walls


 Tax deductible donation receipt available upon delivery.