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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audition Tips from Director Tom Barlow

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As the Director of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I am looking forward to seeing many talented young actors this weekend at auditions!  Below are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare to audition:

 – While you do not need to prepare a memorized audition piece, if you already have something prepared that shows your skills, as they relate to this play, bring it!   Just remember to keep it relatively short, and fun, and be prepared to possibly do something else from the specific play.
 – Show us your character!  At your scheduled audition time, feel free to come dressed in a simple costume or use small/simple props that represent your idea of the character.  Again, this is optional, and if done, it does NOT need to be fancy or elaborate, and it definitely should NOT distract from your performance, or get in your way.
 – Make strong character choices!  Do you think your character smiles and winks at the end of every sentence? Do it!  Maybe your character always walks with his or her shoulders hunched forward. Let’s see it!  The point is, show us your acting skills by making strong choices about the character for which you are auditioning.  We want to see more than simply reading from a page.  Hint: I do NOT think any character in THIS show smiles and winks at the end of EVERY sentence.  🙂
 – If you are auditioning for the Narrator, or one of the main children in the story (other than Charlie), you can find the audition pieces for these characters in scene 1 of the script (the one adapted by Richard George, ISBN #0142407909).  The script is available on Amazon with the “Look Inside” option which means you can actually view the first few pages.  This will let you get a head start on practicing the pieces you will be asked to use for the audition.  Of course these scenes will also be available at the audition.
 – Want to be an Oompah-Loompa? We will have a script excerpt for you to audition with, however, you can also wow us with your own memorized performance of any other relatively short (preferring funny/cute/anecdotal) children’s poem. Lots available online!

That’s it for now!  Please remember that NONE of these things are required, and we want to see actors of ALL experience levels.  These are just ideas, or “audition tips,” from one actor to another!

Best of luck, and of course, “Break a Leg!”
Tom Barlow


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